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[[Now that the "away team" (Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Chris) has taken in their changed appearance, they turn to the task at hand.]]
Patty: Well, this obviously isn't our Earth. I say we head back.
Dexter: [Pulling out Nick's scanning device] Hold on... don't forget, Nick wants us to be thorough and scan every universe, even if it's obvious.

[[Dex holds up the scanner and gestures toward it.]]
Dexter: That way, we have a record of where we've been, and we might pick up clues as to where to go next. Everything feeds into his search algorithm. It'll only take a--

[[Dex is suddenly interrupted by a giant bat-like creature with a huge, single eye swooping down and snatching the scanner out of his hand. Dex is so caught off guard that he doesn't have time to react.]]

[[The "away team" turns to watch the bat creature fly off into the woods with the scanner still in its claws.]]
Patty: "A pointless, unnecessary quest to get it back." That's what you were GOING to say, right?

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