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[[The "away team" continues its "quest" to retrieve Nick's scanner from the bat-like creature that stole it. They make their way through the dense ground cover of the forest, with Chris in the lead, slashing and hacker her way through the brush with her sword. Behind her is Trish, who seems to be struggling as thorns and branches repeated entangle the lengthy skirt of her dress. Dexter brings up the rear, stomping the remainder of the path flat. Patty flies high above, screening her eyes with her hand as she tries to track the bat through the trees.]]
Patty: Hurry up! I'm losing sight of it!
Dexter: We're trying, but Trish is having trouble with the underbrush.

[[We close in on Trish, who is growing exasperated as she vainly attempts to free her dress from the bush that has ensnared her.]]
Trish: I-it's th-this gown! I-it's p-pretty, b-but impractical. I w-wish I c-could j-just turn into a n-ninja or s-something. Th-then I'd b-be m-more useful.
[[Chris turns around and marches back toward Trish, her sword still in hand.]]
Chris: Here...

[[With one swift, sweeping stroke, Chris slashes the hem of Trish's gown just above the knee, causing the fabric below that point to slump to the ground. Instinctively, Trish freezes, initially unsure that her legs are still intact.]]

[[Without further word, Chris turns back toward the path she's been clearing and resumes her work.]]
Trish: [Nervously] Um... th-thanks...?

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