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[[As the "away team" continues its quest to retrieve Nick's stolen scanner, Dexter and Patty continue verbally sniping at each other.]]
Dexter: [Annoyed] Patty, you're just getting us MORE lost...
Patty: Look, this was the direction the bat was flying in. It's the only lead we've got.
[[In the lead, Chris marches resolutely forward, while Trish rolls her eyes at the squabbling pair.]]

[[Dex and Patty engage in a rapid fire exchange of insults.]]
Dexter: You're a useless twilight imp.
Patty: Yeah, well, you've got the breath of the wild.
Dexter: Annoying tingle fairy.
Patty: Wind breaker.
[[Off-panel, Trish interrupts, reacting to something she and Chris have just discovered.]]
Trish: W-what's th-this?

[[We peer over Chris and Trish's heads as they look down at a square stone tableau, the center of which contains a large, stylized eye. In the center of the eye's iris appears to be an elongated slit of a pupil. The stone is overgrown by forest brush, and roots reach up from the ground, threatening to overrun it. Just beyond the tableau is a smaller pedestal with an engraved marker atop it.]]
Chris: It's some sort of ancient ruin. There's an inscription on that pedestal. It's not in English, but I think I can read it somehow...

[[Our view returns to the group as Chris reads the translated text. Everyone is puzzled by the poem.]]
Chris: "Who can tame the tongue of steel? Who can pierce the eye of stone? Two in one united reveal, then face the beast within alone."
Patty: [Hovering over Chris' shoulder] Oh, joy. Riddles...

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