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[[The "away team" is still standing near the stone tableau bearing the highly stylized eye. In frustration, Patty tugs at her hair.]]
Patty: Ragh! We don't have time for stupid riddles!
Dexter: [Annoyance turning toward anger] You're not helping, Patty! Right now, this is the only clue we have!

[[Trish, who was distracted by her friends' argument, turns her attention back to the stone ruin. Chris continues to analyze it skeptically.]]
Chris: OK, the "eye of stone" is obviously this tableau. What's the "tongue of steel"?
Trish: [With of a flash of inspiration] Oh! Y-your s-sword! I-insert it into th-the slot in th-the center of the eye!

[[Chris unsheathes her sword, turns the tip downward, and inserts it into the center of the eye on the tablet.]]
Chris: Here goes...
[[Almost immediately, there is a CLICK, followed by a low rumbling. A stone wall, hidden behind the dense overgrowth, is revealed as a large door begins to slide upward. From the darkness beyond, a high-pitched "SKREEE!" is heard.]]

Dexter: [Excitedly] It's the bat! It must have flown in through a smaller opening!
Chris: [Grimly] So... now we "face the beast within"...

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