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[[The "away team" has entered the secret passage revealed in the previous strip. Roots have worked their way in from the outside, burrowing through the earth and lining the walls of the tunnel. It is dark, with the only true light coming from Patty's fairy form. Dexter and Patty continue verbally sparring, which begins to annoy the others.]]
Dexter: Your negative attitude has contributed NOTHING to this mission, Patty.
Patty: Aside from smashing goblin heads, what exactly have YOU accomplished, huh?

[[Trish has had enough. She spins on her heels, causing Dexter and Patty to stop in their tracks.]]
Trish: Th-that's enough from b-both of you! Y-your b-bickering isn't h-helping anyone! W-we n-need to w-work together to get out of th-this, so d-drop this and apologize!

[[Dexter seems repentant. He turns to Patty apologetically.]]
Dexter: You're right, Trish. We're only making matters worse. I'm sorry, Patty...
[[For her part, Patty seems less willing to forgive. She folds her arms across her chest defiantly. She hesitates, as if deciding whether she's going to continue the assault or give in and apologize as well.]]

[[Before Patty can say anything, a deafening GROWL is heard from somewhere further down the tunnel. The entire team turns toward the sound.]]
Chris: Cue our beast. Let's hope it doesn't have the scanner...

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