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[[The "away team" reaches the end of the tunnel. It is lighter here, but its source is uncertain. The tunnel opens into a small cavern lined with rocky outcrops. The party attempts to get their bearings, looking for the source of the menacing growl they heard earlier.]]
Chris: Keep an eye out for the bat and the scanner...
Trish: [Pointing at something off-panel] Um...

[[Everyone turns to see what Trish is pointing at. At the far end of the cave is a huge wild boar, taller at the shoulder than Dexter. It has massive tusks like swords and sinister glowing eyes. A mane of flame erupts from its back and tail. It snorts threateningly, lowering its tusks as if preparing to charge. At its feet lies the bat creature, either dead or unconscious, and Nick's scanner that it pilfered. All four of the team freezes in surprise.]]
Trish: I-I th-think w-we f-found th-them...

[[Chris freezes, lowering her sword in terror.]]
Chris: [Through gritted teeth] OK, I think I'm done playing the hero...
Dexter: [Giving her a gentle shove forward while she resists] Too late to change classes now...

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