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[[A narration box reads: "And so an epic battle ensues..." We see the party in mid-combat as each member surrounds the giant boar and attacks it from various angles. Trish wields the bow Chris gave her earlier, carefully aiming to avoid striking her teammates. Dexter charges the boar from the side, holding aloft of great war hammer. Chris flanks the beast from the other side, shield in hand and sword poised to strike. As the boar roars menacingly, Patty flutters about, unable to fight, but still able to shout suggestions to the others.]]
Patty: Hit it there again! You're weakening it! Try aiming for the eye!

[[As Patty darts in front of the creature, Dexter attempts to warn her from the side.]]
Dexter: Patty, get out of the way! You'll get hurt!
Patty: I'm TRYING to help! I can instinctively sense its weak points.

[[Just then, the great boar opens its giant maw, turns toward Patty, and rapidly snaps it shut, trapping her inside.]]
Patty: [From within the boar's mouth] OK, NOW might be a good time to target its MOUTH!

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