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[[The fierce battle between the "away team" and the giant flaming boar is over. The boar lies prone on the floor, either unconscious or dead, it's flaming mane now extinguished. Behind it, Chris, Trish, and Dexter seem to be recovering from the exertion.]]
Dexter: Well, we beat it...
Trish: [Looking about] B-but wh-where's P-Patty?

Chris: [Beginning to panic] I lost track of her during the battle. When did you last see her...?
Trish: [Covering her mouth in horror] O-oh m-my... I-I th-think the b-beast ATE her!

[[Dexter is focused on the boar. Suddenly, a tiny glowing speck emerges from the beast's nostril.]]
Dexter: There she is! But... [he pauses, uncertain] How did you get in its nose...?
[[The speck is now obviously Patty, dripping with boar mucus.]]
Patty: I... took the long way around. Don't ask.

[[Chris triumphantly raises Nick's scanning device in one hand, as we look down upon her from above. The scanner practically glows.]]
Chris: We got... the scanner! Now we can return home!
Patty: Did anyone else hear a fanfare?

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