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[[The "away team" has returned to the Grey ship. As they remove their MUTEX helmets, they look around examining themselves and their surroundings.]]
Dexter: [Triumphantly] And we're back!
Chris: [Looking down at her sleeve] And Nick's "instant dry cleaning" mod worked perfectly!

Dexter: [Turning toward Chris] Chris, you did great today. Way to take the lead, "hero".
Chris: [Meekly] Thanks! I--
Patty: [Interrupting, looking at Dex] No thanks to someone else...

[[Patty turns to Dexter and points an accusatory finger into his face.]]
Patty: YOU were the one that lost the scanner, Dex. We could have been back HOURS ago if you had been paying attention. Now I've been soaked in pig snot AND we're behind schedule.
[[For his part, Dexter reflects back her anger, but stays silent.]]

Chris: [Attempting to smooth things over] That's not exactly fair, Patty. It was an accident.
Patty: Well, it's no accident that I want to be anywhere else but here right now...
[[Patty storms out of the room, leaving Dexter, Trish, and Chris in her wake. Chris and Trish look concerned, while Dex seems annoyed.]]

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