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[[Patty storms down a hallway aboard the Grey ship, still fuming from the previous strip. Behind her, Chris calls out.]]
Chris: [Off-panel] Patty! Wait up!
[[Patty stops in her tracks, wincing and grinding her teeth in anticipation of the confrontation.]]

[[Chris catches up with Patty.]]
Chris: [Hesitantly] Look, I'm the new gal here, and it's really not my place to say this, but YOU were just as much at fault today as Dex was. Your infighting distracted us from reaching our goal.

[[Patty spins around, snapping back a fiery retort.]]
Patty: You're right, "newbie". It's NOT your place. You don't know--
Chris: [Interrupting, but gently] I can TELL you and Dex have history. It's as plain as can be. He LIKES you. He's even said as much.

[[Patty shuts up, turning slightly away from Chris and folding her arms across her chest. Chris smiles as she continues.]]
Chris: So... when are you going to stop fighting yourself and finally tell him how you feel about him?
[[Patty's expression softens slightly.]]

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