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[[Chris is confronting Patty in a hallway aboard the Grey ship. She has just asked Patty about when she will finally admit she has feelings for Dexter.]]
Patty: [Annoyed, but curious] What... makes you say that?
Chris: [Dismissively] Please. You two fight like my brother and his wife. It's explosive, but it's still love. Some couples are just like that.

Patty: [Awkwardly] How I feel about Dex is... complicated. And there's a LOT you don't know about me.
Chris: [Smiling] True, but I can tell you've been hurt, and you're afraid you'll hurt him. I've been there.

[[The two women are now in silhouette as Chris continues.]]
Chris: I've heard Ki say that Dex has really changed over the years. From what I'VE seen, he's a big teddy bear, and any girl would be honored to have him. Don't miss that chance.

Patty: [Turning away, spitefully] If YOU'RE so enamored with him, why don't YOU date him?
Chris: [Coyly] Don't take this the wrong way, but YOU'RE more my type than he is...

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