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[[Back in the MUTEX chamber, Dexter and Trish look out the door where Patty and Chris recently left. Dex is obviously frustrated with Patty's attitude. He clenches his fist angrily.]]
Dexter: I'm beginning to wonder what I saw in her...
Trish: [Touching his arm soothingly] D-don't let her b-bother you, D-Dex. I-it w-was an a-accident.

[[Dex slumps to sit down on a nearby box or other object. The object deforms under his weight. He places his chin in his hand and turns introspective.]]
Dexter: No, Patty was right. I screwed up and cost us hours of time, and fighting with her only made matters worse. You and Chris were the only useful ones on this mission.

[[Trish leans forward and looks up at him encouragingly, flashing her "puppy dog" eyes. She smiles warmly.]]
Trish: I-I th-think you were v-very b-brave today. Y-you f-fought those g-goblins and th-that b-boar v-valiantly. W-we w-wouldn't be here if it w-weren't for y-you.

Trish: [Cheerfully] W-we all c-contributed, including P-Patty and m-me. W-we were quite a t-team!
Dexter: [Conceding] I guess we did kind of rock, didn't we?

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