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[[In the background, Ki is lying in bed, fast asleep. In the foreground, a pair of Grey hands lowers a tray laden with "food cubes" and a cup onto a nearby table.]]
Planck: Lift and radiate, Miss Ki! We'll be arriving at the home world in about 240 kilo-ganadans.

[[Ki stirs and eventually sits up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.]]
Ki: Morning, Planck. Wait, IS it morning? No, don't answer--
Planck: [Cheerfully interrupting] In space, we operate on a 64 kilo-ganadan rotational cycle, with 16 shifts centered around the 1.44 mega-ganadan hibernation cycle...

[[Planck interrupts his own recital and his expression falls.]]
Planck: Oops... sorry. I was being too literal again, wasn't I...
Ki: [Rubbing her forehead] It's OK. I'm not that fast of a thinker before my morning dose of caffeine...

[[Planck returns to his prior chipper self.]]
Planck: There'll be no caffeine for you, "Mom"! Just healthy fruit, dairy, and vitamins!
[[Ki hangs her head in a mixture of exhaustion and futility. With her "bed head" being a tangled mess, it completely obscures her face.]]
Ki: [Unenthusiastically] Yay...

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