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[[Ki is now of out of bed, cinching her robe around her. Her "bed head" is still a tangled mess.]]
Ki: Where's Nick?
Planck: [Procuring a small scanning device] He's meeting with the Grand Protuberance. He said he didn't want to disturb you.

[[Planck begins fiddling with the scanner as Ki watches.]]
Planck: Dr. Granger explicitly told me to monitor your pregnancy during this trip. Avogadro tutored me on his log-keeping before we left.

Planck: [Holding up the scanner] As far as our records show, you're the first known pregnant human female in space. There are no precedents for gravitic fluctuations, radiation exposure...

Ki: [Cocking an eyebrow while gesturing toward the device] Radiation exposure? Like what that scanner might be generating...?
Planck: [Looking down at the scanner with dawning realization] Ooh... good point...

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