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[[In response to Ki's concern about his scanner producing radiation that might adversely affect her baby, Planck waves his hand dismissively.]]
Plank: I'm sure the radiation produced by the scanner is harmless. We use it all the time.
Ki: [Still skeptical] Yeah, and you don't have any hair to fall out...

[[Planck begins scanning Ki, checking on the baby's health.]]
Plank: Avogadro said you were suffering from "daybreak illness"...?
Ki: Morning sickness? A little, although it seems to come and go. I feel fine today.

Planck: It seems the fetus has grown to 1.684 nano-moolans and now weighs 729 flargons.
Ki: [Uncertain] Is... that good?
Planck: [Blankly] I have no idea.

Planck: We've approximated that your gestation is about 323 mega-ganadans along. As such, it should be about 20% complete.
Ki: [Mildly irritated] What am I, a progress bar?

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