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[[Planck holsters the medical scanner on his hip.]]
Planck: Well, I'll log these results for Avogadro. You need to concentrate on breakfast.
Ki: [Reaching down to grab the cup and a "food cube" from the tray] Gladly.

Ki: [Lifting a "food cube" to her mouth] It must be exciting for you to finally return home after all this time exploring...
Planck: [Turning sad] Actually... I've never been to the home world before...

Planck: [Forlornly] I was "born" in a cloning facility several giga-moolans, or light years, away. I've only seen the home world in holovids and simulations.
Ki: [Sympathetically] I'm sorry. I didn't know...

[[Planck gradually grows nervous, and his nervousness increases the longer he babbles.]]
Planck: That's OK. That's nothing to be nervous about. Pi said I shouldn't be nervous. Who said I was nervous? I'm nervous there's nothing to be nervous about, is all...
[[Ki is surprised by Planck's swift change in temperament.]]

References: Grey cloning
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