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[[Sensing Planck's nervousness, Ki places a reassuring hand on his shoulder.]]
Ki: Planck, it's OK. I won't tell anyone you're nervous, but I WOULD like to know why...
Planck: [Hesitantly] Pi said not to tell anyone, but since it's YOU...

Planck: Pi and I spent a lot of time on Earth, hiding in the "Inertia" mech. That meant we spent years away from the Skaboola's influence. Pi thinks that and our time around humans has... changed us.

[[Ki watches sympathetically as Planck cringes.]]
Plank: He said I shouldn't worry because the Supreme Fu wants to talk to Nick, not me, but I can't help wondering if I'm "tainted" and somehow the High Command found out...

Ki: [Smiling reassuringly] I think I agree with Pi. Nick's the one the Supreme Fu wants to see. You're just along for the ride.
Planck: [Relaxing a bit and letting slip a small smile] Well... if you say so...

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