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[[Now fully dressed and ready, Ki walks onto the bridge of the Grey ship with Planck. Other Grey drones bustle about at their assigned duties, oblivious to the newcomers. In the foreground, Nick turns to look over his shoulder.]]
Nick: Hey, sweetie. You're right on time. We're about ready to beam down to the planet.

[[Ki approaches Nick, who is dwarfed by the massive form of the Grand Protuberance towering above him.]]
Protuberance: [To Ki] Greetings, Earther Ki. I regret that I did not make your acquaintance in our last, unfortunate encounter.
Ki: [Respectfully] There were more important things happening, sir.

[[The Protuberance turns toward Planck, who bows low before him.]]
Protuberance: And you are Drone #6626068, the one the humans designate as "Planck"?
Planck: Yes, Your Globulousness. The Great Skaboola sent me to accompany these humans.

[[The Protuberance does not seem impressed. He turns slightly to address a drone at a control panel behind him. A warrior drone stands at attention nearby.]]
Protuberance: I see. Then prepare yourselves. [To the drone at the control panel] Initiate teleporation sequence.

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