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[[Nick, Ki, Planck, and the Grand Protuberance materialize on a platform overlooking a huge, sprawling cityscape. Towering skyscrapers reach thousands of feet (or meters) into the sky. Most take the form or rounded cylinders stacked next to each other, although there are few distinctive shapes, like one building with a "ring" encircling it like the planet Saturn. A massive dome-shaped structure dominates the far side of the frame, dwarfing all of the other buildings. Several strings of tiny, distant flying vehicles crisscross the sky like airborne freeways. Our heroes and their huge escort are minuscule compared to this panorama. Still, we can make out the Protuberance outstretching one of his flabby arm to gesture broadly.]]
Protuberance: Behold Municipal Locus Alpha One, our capital...

[[We zoom back in on our party as two Grey soldier drones approach from the background. The Grand Protuberance turns toward Planck.]]
Protuberance: Drone #6626068, you will proceed to Diagnostic Facility Phi Epsilon while we attend to the Supreme Fu.
[[Planck instantly cringes, drawing Nick's attention. Ki turns to the Protuberance.]]
Ki: [Surprised] Wait a minute... I thought the Skaboola said he was coming with us...

[[As the soldier drones place a firm, unyielding hand on Planck's shoulders, the Protuberance smiles unpleasantly.]]
Protuberance: A routine diagnostic measure, I assure you. We only wish to verify his optimal functional parameters. He will rejoin us shortly. If you will accompany me...
[[As Planck's unease grows, Nick and Ki watch helplessly.]]

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