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[[As the soldier Greys escort Planck toward a building in the background, the circular platform on which Nick, Ki, and the Grand Protuberance stand begins to lift into the air, hovering with a <<ZWORM>> sound. The motion startles the humans slightly, while the Protuberance seems unfazed.]]
Protuberance: Teleportation directly into the capital complex is forbidden for security reasons. We will be conveyed to our destination shortly. Mind the border.

[[The disc begins to zip through the air at a clip fast enough that Nick and Ki's hair begins to whip behind them. Ki latches onto Nick's arm for additional support. As the two humans look about, the Protuberance continues with a smug smile.]]
Protuberance: Few are permitted to appear before the Supreme Fu. For an outsider, a non-Grey, such a summons is unprecedented. This is a great honor. You are to be commended.

[[Nick's expression turns cold.]]
Nick: Then why don't I FEEL like I'm being commended...?
Protuberance: [His smile fading] The High Command is terse and efficient. Please do not mistake our curtness for disrespect. You are our guest.

[[Nick's face remains grim. Ki raises an eyebrow as she asks the Protuberance...]]
Ki: Have YOU ever appeared before the Supreme Fu?
Protuberance: [Eyes narrowing as he scowls] From time to time, usually to answer for Skaboola Tau Sigma's ineptitude...

References: Grey anti-gravity technology: Artificial gravity, the Great Skaboola's hover-chair, personal flying discs (see the background of panel four), various Greys walking on the ceiling and walls (again, see backgrounds); "Skaboola Tau Sigma"
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