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[[As Nick, Ki, and the Grand Protuberance continue through the scanning tunnel on their way to meet the Supreme Fu, Ki looks around her, uncertain about something.]]
Ki: Do you... hear something...?
Protuberance: Impressive. Your auditory sense should not be able to detect our anti-Physaric acoustic screening.

Nick: [Turning toward the Protuberance] The ultrasonic sound Colonel Barker used. Did you "borrow" his idea...?
Protuberance: We arrived at a similar conclusion a few of your centuries ago. It remains an effective deterrent.

Protuberance: Although we are now immune to their control, that has not stopped their agents from reaching our home world. Several assassination attempts have been thwarted.

Nick: I had hoped your dialog with the Physarics would relax your relationship...
Protuberance: It has, somewhat, but old rivalries die hard. Perhaps in time... [He notices something ahead of them, out of frame.] Ah, we have arrived...
[[Nick is still looking toward the Protuberance. Ki, however, notices whatever the Protuberance is looking at and reacts with shocked surprise.]]

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