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[[Still in the small, round room by himself, Planck continues to converse with the unidentified Grey speaking to him over the intercom.]]
Voice 1: You mean to tell us that in the past 42 giga-ganadans, you missed six scheduled revisions? When was your last diagnostic?
Planck: [Hesitantly] A-about 172 giga-ganadans ago...?

Voice 1: One revision per 6.311 giga-ganadans is on average. The longest recorded revision cycle was 10.1 giga-ganadans. This is unprecedented.
Planck: [Uncertain] Is... is that good?

[[The first intercom voice is joined by another, seemingly engaged in a separate conversation that Planck is now overhearing and no longer participating in.]]
Voice 1: No wonder we received reports of anomalous behavior.
Voice 2: There are also reports this drone spent extensive time interacting with indigenous primitives.
Planck: [Tentatively] Um... guys?

Voice 1: We have no recourse, then. Initiate emergency revision procedures. If that fails, total biomass reclamation may be required.
Planck: [Fearfully] I don't like the sound of this...

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