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[[Fooker and Sharon walk abreast down a hallway aboard the Grey ship. Trudy just happens to be coming from the opposite direction. Behind the point where they are about to meet is a circular, open doorway to a darkened room.]]
Fooker: [Looking at his watch] Do we have time to grab a quick bite before today's first mission?
Sharon: I think so... [Noticing Trudy approaching] Hey, Trudy, have you seen patty this morning?

Trudy: [Suspiciously] No, I haven't. Trish said something about her never coming to bed last night.
Sharon: [Exchanging a worried glance with Fooker] That's odd... I hope everything's OK with her...

Fooker: [Leading Sharon onward, but turning back to address Trudy] Well, we don't have time to go looking for her. If PJ's a no-show, I'm drafting you as her replacement.
Trudy: [Annoyed] Swell...

[[Trudy follows Fooker and Sharon, who are now out of frame.]]
Trudy: At least promise me this one will be relatively uneventful.
Fooker: [Off-panel] I solemnly swear I have no control over that whatsoever.
[[In the darkened doorway beyond, we see Victor Brown, Nick's "heckler" from his "all-hands meeting", who has been hiding in the shadows, eavesdropping on their conversation.]]

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