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[[Victor Brown stands silhouetted in the open doorway to the MUTEX chamber. The room is dark and empty of both humans and Greys. Several MUTEX helmets lie on a shelf nearby, while the Velocirpator column, currently dark, dominates the foreground.]]
Brown: [Thinking to himself] E.T. said the power source was the key. Without that, the rest of the machine was useless.

[[Brown surveys the room. As we peer over his shoulder, he looks toward the command console and the Velocirpator tower.]]
Brown: [Thinking] But which hunk of scrap is the battery? That column always seems to light up when it's running, so that's as good a guess as any...

[[Brown kneels beside Velocirpator and removes the access panel. Inside is a mess of cables and wires. A prominent cylindrical metal component is in the forefront. Brown scowls.]]
Brown: [Thinking] &%@#, this thing's got more spaghetti than an Italian restaurant. How the #%&* do I figure out how to stop this thing...?

[[He reaches in, grabs the cylindrical component, and yanks on it.]]
Brown: [Thinking] Well, this bit looks important. If this doesn't electrocute me, let's hope it at least shuts it down...
[[He pulls on the component until it gives way, coming loose in his hand, accompanied by a shower of sparks.]]

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