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[[As Victor Brown restores the Velociraptor access panel, Pi enters the room, causing the lights to come on. Brown scowls as he hides behind a large, box-like piece of equipment. Pi seems oblivious to his presence.]]
Pi: [Muttering to himself] "Why hasn't anyone purged the hyperstatic isolation buffers?" he asks. Because it's Planck's job, and you sent him to the home world. Sheesh...

[[Pi approaches the MUTEX control panel and begins fiddling with it. As he does, Brown seizes his opportunity to slip out of the room unnoticed, still holding the component he ripped out of Velociraptor.]]
Pi: As if I don't have enough to do around here... [He pauses.] What the... why won't you start, you gnarfing hunk of junk?

[[Without turning around, Pi swings his arm backward and thumps the Velociraptor column soundly with his fist.]]

[[As if on cue, Velociraptor hums to life and begins to glow. Pi looks at it skeptically.]]
Pi: [Thinking to himself] Huh... it actually worked. Now to figure out why Fooker calls Nick "the Fonz" whenever he does that...

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