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[[As the "away team" prepares to depart, Fooker turns to Pi.]]
Fooker: Everything set, Pizza Pi?
[[Almost immediately, the Velociraptor column powers down and ceases to glow.]]
Pi: [Annoyed] The coordinates are locked in. The power source is just being... cantankerous.

[[We peer over Fooker's shoulder.]]
Fooker: Need one of us to take a look...?
[[Pi steps up to the column and gives the base a swift kick. The column immediately powers up and begins to glow again.]]
Fooker: Or not.

Sharon: [Concerned, while picking up her helmet] Should... we be doing this if it's not working? Maybe we should wait for Nick to come back...
Fooker: Nah, we're good. Pi's got it covered. Besides, we've got a schedule to keep.

[[As Fooker and Johnson don their helmets, Trudy gives Fooker a suspicious look.]]
Trudy: Got any other famous last words, like "What could go wrong?" or "What's the worst that can happen?"
Fooker: Nope. Sounds like you covered all the bases...

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