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[[Pi operates the MUTEX controls and we see Fooker (and presumably the others, who are off-panel) vanish if a flash of light, accompanied by the MUTEX's characteristic <<ZWORM>> sound. Behind Pi, the Velociraptor power column glows brightly.]]

[[As Fooker's MUTEX helmet, now empty, swaps back and forth on its suspension cables, Velociraptor suddenly turns dark. There is a powering down sound, followed by a repeated sputtering sound.]]
Pi: [Surprised] What the...

[[Pi taps furiously on the controls. The Velociraptor column remains dark.]]

[[Pi pounds the column soundly with his fist. Nothing happens.]]

[[He kicks the base of the column. The column remains dark.]]

[[With the dark column looming in the foreground, we look down at Pi, whose face is a mixture of frustration and panic.]]
Pi: Oh, flargnak.

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