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[[The first panel is entirely dark.]]
Sharon: That felt... weird. Weirder than usual. Where are we?
Fooker: Wherever it is, they forgot to pay the power bill...

[[The "away" team stumbles about in the darkness. There is a large, multi-paned window nearby, with several panes broken or missing. Two vaguely humanoid shapes come near it close enough to be discernible against the shadows.]]
Johnson: I smell salt water. We must be near, or on, the ocean.
Fooker: Check those windows. From the look of them, I'd say a dockside warehouse.

[[Two more shapes approach a darkened desk. Judging from the faint outlines, it is likely Sharon and Trudy. Sharon's hand find a lamp on the desk.]]
Sharon: I think I found a desk, and there's a lamp on it. It's still warm.
Trudy: Shed some light on things, please, Sharon.

[[Sharon turns on the light. In its dim glow, Sharon and Trudy's faces are revealed. Both have been transformed by the MUTEX, "adapted" to the new universe. Sharon appears to be an anthropomorphic panda: she still has her characteristic hair, but it is rendered a bit more realistically, with greater detail. She has a bear-like muzzle, small round ears on the top of her head, and large dark patches surrounding her eyes. Similarly, Trudy is a different type of bear, perhaps a brown bear or grizzly. Both women's clothing has been changed from their Grey-provided jumpsuits. Sharon wears a scoop-necked top while Trudy wears a button-up blouse. Both women stare at each other in mild disbelief.]]
Sharon: Well... THIS is a new one...

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