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[[It is still mostly dark in the location where the "away team" has landed. Lit only by the desk lamp that Sharon discovered, she and Trudy size each other up, slowly adjusting to their new forms.]]
Trudy: Sharon, you're a... panda...
Sharon: And you're a... brown bear? Grizzly? I'm not a bear expert...

[[A voice behind Trudy calls their attention.]]
Johnson: We've been turned into animals? What am I?
[[The women turn to find Johnson eying them suspiciously with his new canine countenance.]]
Sharon: [Smiling sympathetically] A... Doberman pinscher, I think...?
[[Off-panel, another voice interrupts.]]
Fooker: So what about me?

[[Sharon and Trudy turn and are startled by what they see. Fooker has apparently been transformed into a creature with a long snout, covered in a bristly mane of prickly spines. Even his goatee is made of the spines. His glasses are still opaque, however, although rendered a bit more realistically and with added thickness. He stares blankly at them as both women cringe. There is no dialog.]]

[[Based on their reactions, Fooker is obviously annoyed. Sharon eyes Trudy worriedly.]]
Fooker: I'm a gosh darn porcupine, aren't I?
Trudy: [Sarcastically] Well, you don't have to get prickly about it.

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