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[[The "away team" gathers into a loose circle. Fooker looks down at himself and is obviously not amused by his new porcupine form.]]
Fooker: Dang furries. They really ARE everywhere...
Sharon: [Eying Fooker, bemused] It could be worse. At least no one ended up as a skunk...
Trudy: [Spitefully] Yeah, that would STINK.

[[Sharon and Trudy devolve into a rapid-fire, back-and-forth pun-wrangling match. Both are quite amused with themselves.]]
Sharon: At least these forms might be BEARable...
Trudy: If a bit PANDERing...
Sharon: Let's not BARK up the wrong tree...
Fooker: [Interrupting] Hey! Lame puns are supposed to be mine and Nick's gig!

[[Our view pulls back several feet/meters, watching the circle from the outside.]]
Fooker: Look, Zoo Crew, let's drop the shenanigans, whip out the scanner, and get our data. Then we can get out of here.
[[A hand comes into view in the foreground, pointing a semi-automatic pistol at the quartet.]]
Voice: [Off-panel] You're not going anywhere...

[[Our view shifts the opposite direction. A tall, muscular male cat with white fur stands before our heroes. He sports a trench coat and an eye patch over his left eye. He levels the gun at the "away team", making it obvious he is not to be trifled with.]]
Cat: Not until I get some answers...

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