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[[As the "away team" remains frozen in time, D.C. Smythe and the Gamester continue their private conversation. Smythe does not seem pleased with how it is going.]]
Smythe: I am neither your friend, nor do I owe you any favors.
Gamester: Oh, you DO; you just don't remember them. Rewriting the time lines so they never happened and all that...

[[Gamester begins to walk around the "away team", gesturing to their petrified forms as he does so. Smythe's eye follows him as he walks around Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy.]]
Gamester: I'll cut to the chase. Your new friends here are from another universe. They came he looking for something; not that they'll find it, but they have no way of knowing that yet.

[[Gamester comes around in front of Trudy and Lt. Johnson.]]
Gamester: What they ALSO don't realize is that they're trapped here. A saboteur has disabled their ride home. I have an... AGENT working to fix that, but for now, they're stuck.

[[Smythe gives Gamester a sardonic sideways glance.]]
Smythe: And you want me to "babysit" them.
Gamester: [Sheepishly] Just for a few hours... or days... shouldn't be more than a week or six at most...

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