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[[D.C. Smythe grinds his teeth at the Gamester's insinuation that the GPF "away team" will be stuck in his universe for an indeterminate amount of time, and that the Gamester expects him to keep an eye on them.]]
Smythe: I can't "babysit" your cosmic refugees! I'm in the middle--
Gamester: [Interrupting with a smile] Of an important investigation! Yes, I know! But I think you'll find these four incredibly useful.

[[Gamester steps between Smythe and the others, so that the frozen Fooker and Lt. Johnson appear to flank him. He spreads his hands in an all-encompassing gesture.]]
Gamester: Prickles here is a secret agent, like you. Retired, but still sharp. And Pinscher Boy is U.S. Army, top of his class, tough as nails. He'll be quite useful in a fight, I promise.

[[Gamester moves behind Fooker and Sharon, centering Smythe's focus upon them.]]
Gamester: Also, Prickles and Panda Girl are the sharpest hackers you'll ever meet, even better than your girlfriend.
Smythe: [Bristling] Valerie is NOT my girlfriend.
Gamester: [Smiling as if unconvinced] Yes, sure, right...

[[Gamester steps behind Trudy, so that our focus is now on the two of them. While Trudy remains in her frozen state, giving Fooker a sideways glance, Gamester eyes her carefully. His seemingly perpetual smile fades.]]
Gamester: As for THIS one... well... just... keep her away from sharp knives. I'm sure you'll find a use for her somewhere...

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