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[[As the "away team" remains frozen in time, the Gamester and D.C. Smythe continue their conversation.]]
Gamester: [Smiling] My point is THEY need your help, and by the end of this mission, YOU will need THEIRS. It's a win-win scenario. Plus, it buys ME time to see them home safely.

Smythe: They're not cleared for this mission...
Gamester: [His smile fading] Of course not. But there are bigger things at stake here than you--and they--realize. You're not the only one on a mission here.

Gamester: I'm in the middle of an investigation of my own and, while they don't realize it, these fine folks are at ground zero. Mine is of cosmic proportions; entire universes are at stake.

Gamester: [Eying Smythe carefully] It is imperative they return home unscathed and, until I can clear their way, I need YOU to keep them safe. Do it for them, and for the countless lives depending on them.

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