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[[The Gamester snaps his fingers and disappears in a flash of light. As he does so, time "unpauses" for everyone else besides D.C. Smythe. Fooker resumes his assessment of Smythe that he started earlier and which Gamester interrupted.]]
Fooker: ... patch, the sense of humor of wet cardboard...

Smythe: [A bit flustered, lying to incorporate the "away team" into his mission at Gamester's request] Yes, well... I can neither confirm or deny your suspicions. That said, I... I'll have to ask you to come with me. I may have... additional questions.
[[As Fooker eyes Smythe carefully, Sharon turns to look behind her.]]

Fooker: [To Smythe] Well, chief, we weren't planning to stick around. As soon as we finish what we came here for...
Sharon: [Placing a hand on Fooker's shoulder and whispering] The scanner isn't working, and we can't raise Pi...
[[Behind them, we can see Trudy and Lieutenant Johnson attempting to use the scanner with apparently little success.]]

Fooker: [Keeping his eyes on Sharon but talking to Smythe] Huh... ooookaaaay... How's about we come with you. You might have additional questions.
[[Realizing that the "away team" is starting to realize what Gamester told him, Smythe seems resigned to escort them.]]

References: For the first half of Fooker's assessment of D.C. Smythe, see back here, in panel two. See also Nick's scanner.
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