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[[The scene shifts. A narration box reads: "Meanwhile, in the Thirteenth Dimension of the Infinite Rotunda of Eternity..." The background is largely empty, with only a gradient stretching from darkness above to light below. The Gamester, still translucent, stands before Mischief as spheres representing multiple universes hover suspended in the air around them.]]
Mischief: That was dangerous, boss. If Pandemonium saw you...
Gamester: He didn't. YOU made sure of that.

Gamester: Just keep an eye on him. He still thinks I'm dead, and that he's several steps ahead of you. The LAST thing we need is for him to realize which loose threads we're tugging on.

Gamester: Unfortunately, we are forbidden to directly interfere in the process of bringing Fooker and the others back. Even something as trivial as finding that missing component is verboten.

Gamester: [Smiling] Ergo, it's time to turn to our ace in the hole...
[[He turns, revealing Todd standing behind him.]]
Todd: [Giving a mock salute as he mischievously smirks] Can't break the rules if the rule-breaker technically doesn't exist...

References: Pandemonium's rampage through the Cosmos; see also all the reference links on that strip
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