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[[Back in D.C. Smythe's universe, an SUV travels down a dark road past a series of buildings. In the back seat, a whispered conversation takes place.]]
Voice 1: [Whispering] What do you mean it isn't working? Is it giving a weird result?
Voice 2: [Whispering] No, it's not even powering on...

[[We peer inside the vehicle's darkened interior to see Lt. Johnson, Sharon, and Trudy, still in their anthropomorphic animal forms, squeezed into the back seat. Sharon sits in the middle and is holding Nick's scanning device, looking perplexed. Johnson is holding a tiny device between his fingers and eyes it suspiciously.]]
Johnson: [Whispering] Comm's out too. Took me a while to dig it out of these ears...
Trudy: [Whispering] But what does that mean? Can Pi bring us back?
Sharon: [Whispering] I... have no idea...

[[We move to the front. D.C. Smythe sits in the driver's seat and casts a dubious glance at Fooker, who is in the passenger's seat, staring out the darkened window.]]
Smythe: You were correct; I'm MI6, although I'm "on loan" for this assignment. Which agency did you say you were with...?
Fooker: [Distracted] Oh, a three-letter acronym. Doubt you've heard of it.

[[We move back to see the pair from behind, as if sitting in the back seat. Smythe turns his head toward Fooker.]]
Smythe: Forgive me for asking, but... are you all right? You seem uncomfortable...
Fooker: Oh, just peachy. Just not used to sitting with sharp little spines coming out of my butt.

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