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[[The SUV arrives at its destination. As its occupants vacate the vehicle, they take in their new surroundings.]]
Fooker: Another warehouse?
Smythe: A temporary front. I.G.N.I.T.E. doesn't have a permanent installation in this city.
Trudy: I.G.N.I.T.E.?

[[The group enters through a nondescript door, whereupon they are greeted by a heavily-armed guard. He is a hawk wearing sunglasses and bearing a semi-automatic rifle. D.C. Smythe flashes some sort of badge or papers at the guard as they enter.]]
Smythe: Inter-Governmental Network for Investigating Terrorism and Extraordinary crime. An informal partnership between most developed nations. Think Interpol, only more covert.

[[As Smythe leads them through the secret installation, our heroes take in their surroundings. There are multiple computer terminals and makeshift workstations, each manned by an anthropomorphic animal.]]
Smythe: We deal with a level of cross-border crime that most of the world doesn't realize exists. Our agents are pulled from the world's top intelligence services across the globe.

[[Smythe stops before a particular workstation. A mouse or other type of the rodent is hard at work at the terminal. Behind her stands an attractive female cat with blond hair wearing a business casual suit with a blazer and skirt. She looks up when Smythe arrives, curious about the party in tow behind him.]]
Smythe: [To the others] This is one of our CIA associates and my frequent partner, Valerie Smith...

References: Interpol; CIA
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