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[[A round of introductions occurs between strips, culminating in Fooker gesturing to Lt. Johnson.]]
Fooker: And this is Lieutenant Stewart Johnson, U.S. Army.
Johnson: [Taking Valerie Smith's hand] Ma'am.
Smith: Lieutenant. Now that the introductions are out of the way... [She places a hand on D.C. Smythe's arm] D.C.? A word...?

[[D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith step aside, just out of earshot of our heroes, who mill around somewhat aimlessly, taking in the their surroundings. D.C. and Valerie begin a rather heated, whispered discussion.]]
Smith: What the heck are these people doing here? Are they cleared for this? We don't have time to brief anyone new...
Smythe: [As if explaining everything emphatically in one world] GAMESTER.

Smith: [Crossing her arms across her chest suspiciously] Seriously? Your cosmic jester friend again?
Smythe: [Baring his teeth] He's NOT my friend, nor do we have much of a choice in this. Just... play along for now, until he sorts things out.

Smith: [Annoyed] He asked you to babysit his cosmic refugees again...
Smythe: [Whisper-shouting] IT'S NOT LIKE I ASKED FOR THIS!
[[Behind them, Fooker gestures off to the side.]]
Fooker: [Apologetically] Look, if we're imposing, we can always find a quiet, out of the way corner...

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