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[[As D.C. Smythe looks on in annoyance, Valerie Smith steps away from her partner to address the "away team" directly.]]
Smith: [Smiling apologetically] No, no, it's no trouble. It's just my PARTNER failed to mention he was bringing anyone else into this investigation. Just concerned about too many cooks in the pot, and all that...

Smith: [Turning serious] We've bee trailing an international anarchist hacking group calling themselves "theNullBoyz". They're completely anonymous and notoriously difficult to track.

[[We peer over Smith's shoulder as Fooker, Sharon, Lt. Johnson, and Trudy listen intently.]]
Smith: They've recently executed a serious of high-profile, coordinated cyber attacks against the world's largest financial institutions, including several large banks and stock exchanges.

[[D.C. Smythe steps up beside Valerie as she continues.]]
Smith: Their biggest claim to fame is a cryptic proclamation that "economic Armageddon is at hand."
Smythe: However, we suspect there's more to this threat than what's on the surface...

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