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[[D.C. Smythe steps forward and taps a series of keys on a nearby keyboard. As he does so, the screen changes to display the mugshot of the white rabbit he showed to the "away team" earlier.]]
Smythe: The one lead we have links an IP address used in one attack to the GPS coordinates of an old adversary who just happened to be in the vicinity at the time.

[[Valerie Smith turns to address our heroes.]]
Smith: I assume he's brought you up to speed on "Tee"...?
Fooker: [Holding up his fingers as if holding a tiny invisible object] Are we talking about the little golf sticks or that weak coffee impostor the Brits like...?
[[Both D.C. Smythe and Sharon seem annoyed at Fooker's flippant response.]]

[[Smythe continues as more images of "Tee" flash upon the computer screen. They appear to be surveillance photos, taken by cameras as possible crime scenes.]]
Smythe: Alias "Joe T.", real name uncertain, believed to be Joseph T. O'Toole. Irish mercenary with ties to the IRA. Expert in bladed weapons, suspected serial killer.

Smith: [Contemplatively] Thing is, none of this fits his standard M.O. "Tee" isn't know for his computer skills.
Smythe: [Smirking] His claim to fame is cracking skulls and slashing throats.

References: IRA on Wikipedia
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