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[[The "away team" continues their discussion with D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith about the mysterious mercenary "Joe T.", whom the agents appear to be investigating.]]
Smith: "Tee" may not be a technical wizard, but I wouldn't put these infractions past his recent employer...
Sharon: And who would that be?

[[Before she can answer, Valerie is distracted by a chime coming from her smartphone.]]
Smith: [Looking down at the device on her hip, smiling] AHA!
Smythe: [Annoyed] Not THIS again...

[[Valerie holds up the device to show D.C. the screen, a smug, mischievous smile tugging at her lips.]]
Smith: Up another hundred bucks. It's on track to double its previous all-time high.
Smythe: [Pointedly] I can't believe you're STILL obsessed with that...
Trudy: [Interjecting] Obsessed with WHAT?

[[Valerie holds up the device so the others can see. The screen displays a series of charts and graphs. Meanwhile, as she continues, Smythe gives her an incredulous sideways glance.]]
Smith: It's this new "cryptocurrency" I've been tracking. A virtual, decentralized, digital currency. I've been "mining" it in my spare time. It's called "shadowCoin"...

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