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[[Valerie Smith looks to D.C. Smythe indignantly after his insinuation that "shadowCoin" is only useful for illegal transactions.]]
Smith: Be skeptical if you want. A lot of businesses accept "shadowCoin" now, especially for international transactions. It's not ALL drug trafficking and ransom malware...

[[She turns back to the others.]]
Smith: There ARE legitimate concerns about it, though. The code is Open Source, but heavily obfuscated. Some of the brightest hackers in the world have failed to decipher all of it.
[[At this, both Fooker and Sharon react with suspicious surprise.]]

Smith: Any attempts to remove these sections break the code, and no one has been able to successfully fork it. Every competing system seems to fall flat; it's a de facto standard.
[[Trudy and Johnson now join Fooker and Sharon in their skeptical glances amongst themselves.]]

[[Undaunted, Valerie holds up her smartphone with a smug smile.]]
Smith: The way I see it, I doubt the world's fiat currencies are in serious danger, but it doesn't hurt to dip a toe in...

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