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[[Following on Valerie Smith's explanation about "shadowCoin", Sharon seems suspicious.]]
Sharon: It seems odd that no one's been able to decipher that code, even if it's obfuscated.
Fooker: You never saw the original Goodman Rubber inventory system...

Smith: Thousands of coders have reviewed that code and can't make sense of it. "Asahi" himself commented it with "There be dragons here. Best not to think about them."

Smythe: It might be in our interests to have these two take a look at that code. I understand their skills are top notch. If YOU can't untangle it, perhaps THEY can.
[[Both Fooker and Sharon seem surprised by D.C. Smythe's confidence in their abilities, especially since they haven't mentioned their occupations yet.]]

Johnson: [Interjecting] Not to detain the Geek Squad, but NONE of this has anything to do with that homicidal carrot muncher you've been chasing...
Smythe: [Drolly] Fair point.

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