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[[After hearing Johnson point out that the group's side discussion about "shadowCoin" has nothing to do with finding the mysterious rabbit "Joe T.", Sharon muses for a bit, then speaks up.]]
Sharon: Not necessarily. There's a chance, albeit a slim one, that "shadowCoin" and "theNullBoyz" could be related.
Smith: [Intrigued] You have a theory?

Sharon: Think about it. Who has the most to gain from "economic Armageddon" if the worlds major markets collapse...?
Trudy: [Chiming in] Alternatives like cryptocurrencies...?

Fooker: [Grimly] So the hackers devalue the main fiat currencies, shaking the public's faith in them, and drive up the value of the chief alternative they've probably already bought into. Insidious.

[[Both Valerie Smith and D.C. Smythe mull over the group's proposal.]]
Smith: It's... possible... but we don't have any evidence to support that.
Smythe: Nor does it explain "Tee's" involvement. However, it could justify investigating "shadowCoin" further.

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