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[[As the group theorizes about a link between "shadowCoin" and the mysterious "theNullBoyz" hacking group, an older turtle wearing glasses approaches.]]
Turtle: I say, Commander Smythe? The Coast Guard found your missing boat, although there's no sign yet of its driver.
Smythe: Excellent. Send me the coordinates.

Smythe: [To the group] "Tee" likely hasn't gotten far. If we hurry, we might pick up his trail.
Sharon: I'm not going to be very useful in a fight, but if I can get a look at that code...

Smith: [Turning back to the turtle] Agent Tuttle, get this woman guest clearance and access to the "shadowCoin" source.
Tuttle: Yes, mum.
Trudy: I might as well stay too. I'll just get in the way.

Fooker: [To D.C. Smythe] If you've got a couple spare sidearms, I'm sure Stew and I could lend a hand...
[[Lieutenant Johnson smiles, indicating his willingness to help.]]
Smythe: [Returning the smile] I'm certain we can scrounge something up.

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