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[[As the group begins to head off to track down "Joe T.", Sharon grabs Fooker's arm to signal him to wait.]]
Sharon: Hold on there, mister. Before you run off to save the day...

Sharon: [Concerned] I know you were once the ace super spy, but you're retired now AND married. So be careful.
Fooker: [Flippantly] No worries, Red. We'll just be out for a bit of hasenpfeffer.

Fooker: [Sensing this hasn't eased Sharon's concern] What's wrong?
Sharon: [Hesitantly] I'd give you a good luck kiss, but... I'm not sure where your lips are...

Fooker: [Bending his head down to give her easy access to the top of his long snout] Well, just give me a peck on the schnoz for now. All the more incentive to get back ASAP.
Sharon: [Smooching him on the snout] Deal.

References: Hasenpfeffer... or is it hassenpfeffer? There seems to be some disagreement. I'm going with what Google and Wikipedia seem to say...
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