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[["Joe T." and the alligator "Al" stand before they're mysterious employer, who is cloaked in shadow. "Tee" does not seem happy with "the boss'" implication that he's a mere henchman.]]
Tee: I amn't nobody's "lackey", so ye know...
Boss: Easy, Tee, my boy. An affectionate jest, I insist. You're well aware of my alluring affinity for affable alliteration...

[[The boss steps out of the shadows just enough to make it obvious that he is well dressed, in a suit and tie, complete with a corsage in his lapel. His face, however, remains obscured.]]
Boss: Did you take care to follow my instructions?
Tee: I did. But Smythe, he's got cop-on. He an' his wagon'll be on this sure as Monday. We haven't been exactly... discreet...

Boss: I'm through with being "discreet". All this skulking about in the shadows... it's unbecoming of a genius of my intellect. Soon enough, such secrecy will be irrelevant.

[["Al" begins to celebrate. As he does so, "Tee" eyes him with mild contempt.]]
Al: We's finally gonna beat Smythe an' make it rich!
Boss: Yes, Gator, my remedial reptile. Smythe will be dead, you'll be rich, and I... I will have all the power I will ever need...

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