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[[The mysterious mastermind strikes a pose, pointing somewhere off-panel.]]
Boss: Gator! Shore up our defenses. The mice have already caught scent of the cheese; let's be sure the trap is ready to spring.
Gator: [Gleefully] Aye aye, boss!

[[The villain turns to "Joe T."]]
Boss: Tee! See that those jobs are still running. "theNullBoyz" haven't outlived their usefulness... yet.
Tee: [Sarcastically] Suppose I'll have a craic once that's done...

[[As the two henchmen head off to their respective tasks, their employer muses aloud to himself.]]
Boss: As for me, a few more subtle tweaks to the algorithm and all will be in alignment. Just because the end game is nigh, doesn't mean we can't... optimize our success.

[[We zoom in on the boss' head, but his face remains obscured by darkness.]]
Boss: And as you fall ignorantly into my trap, my dear Smythe, with your last breath you will curse your greatest adversary... Doctor Shadow...
[[A narration box reads: "To be continued..."]]

References: "theNullBoyz"
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