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[[Buried deep in the heart of the Cynosure on the Grey home world, Municipal Locus Alpha One, Ki sits on the floor and reclines wearily against a support pylon. It is apparent that she's been here for hours. In the far background, a glowing sphere pulsates with crackling energy. A large gray mass looms over her. The voice of the Great Protuberance interrupts her thoughts.]]
Protuberance: Earther Ki... you are exhausted.
Ki: [Wearily] Guess that's pretty obvious. Are they still at it?

[[The Protuberance turns as much as his massive form will twist, looking over his shoulder at the glowing energy sphere behind him.]]
Protuberance: Affirmative. the Supreme Fu erected a force field to shut us out mega-ganadans ago. To be excluded from their discussions has been... frustrating.

[[The Protuberance turns back to Ki.]]
Protuberance: I understand you are partway through reproductive gestation. Perhaps you should retire somewhere safer and more comfortable.
Ki: [Defiantly, without looking up] No. I won't leave until Nick does.

[[We pull back to see Ki, the Protuberance, and pylon. The Protuberance gestures toward the support structure.]]
Protuberance: Perhaps I should rephrase. The Pylon you are reclining against emits 64,000 squatlars of radiation per ganadan...
Ki: [Sitting upright and inching away from the pylon in surprise] Um... yes, a proper seat might be nice...

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