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[[The Grand Protuberance has led Ki to another location. The two stand outside a circular doorway leading into what appears to be a rather spacious living quarters. A bed is visible against one wall, while a desk and chair are situated against another. Display panels line the walls, while a mat or rug sits perfectly aligned on the floor. Ki seems mildly surprised by the room's size.]]
Protuberance: This room has been modified to match your "stateroom" aboard Skaboola Tau Sigma's vessel. You may rest here during your stay on our home world.
[[Behind them, the shadow against the far wall of the hallway fortells the arrival of another individual.]]

[[Ki and the Protuberance turn to face each other. A Grey drone steps up between them. The drone possesses the blank, passive stare typical of most Greys.]]
Protuberance: This drone has been assigned to serve as your personal assistant during your stay. Whatever you requrie may be relayed through him.

[[The Protuberance turns to leave, speaking over his shoulder.]]
Protuberance: I must return to the Cynosure. I will inform your husband of your location at the first available opportunity.
Ki: Thank you.

[[As Ki turns to visually inspect the room further, the Protuberance addresses the drone. A sly smirk crosses his massive lips.]]
Protuberance: Drone, procure this human refreshing sustenance immediately.
Drone: [Flatly] At once, Grand Protuberance.

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